Nanette Snoep
Phone: +49-221-221-313-01

Dr. Oliver Lueb
Deputy Director
Phone: +49-221-221-313-03

Ulrike Akin
Phone: +49-221-221-313-01

Vera Marušić
Head of Programme Planung and Strategic Planning
Phone: +49-221-221-313-17

Carla De Andrade Hurst
Diversity Manager
Phone: +49-221-221-313-58

Aurora Rodonò
Diversity Manager
Phone: +49-221-221-313-60

Curatorship and Collection

Dr. Clara Himmelheber
Expert for the Africa Collection
Phone: +49-221-221-313-18

Dr. Anne Slenczka
Expert for the Americas Collection
Phone: +49-221-221-313-22

Dr. Annabelle Springer
Expert for the Asia Collection
Phone: +49-221-221-313-34

Sonja Mohr
Expert for the Insular Southeast Asia Collection
Phone: +49-221-221-313-36

Dr. Oliver Lueb
Expert for the Oceania Collection
Phone: +49-221-221-313-03

Lucia Halder 
Expert for the Photography Collection 
Phone: +49-221-221-313-21


Conservation and Restoration

Stephanie Lüerßen
Conservation and Restoration of Painted Objects
 Phone: +49-221-221-313-30

Birgit Depenbrock
Conservation and Restoration of Metal and Ceramics
Phone: +49-221-221-313-28

Kristina Hopp
Conservation and Restoration of Organic Materials
Phone: +49-221-221-313-29

Petra Czerwinske
Conservation and Restoration of Textiles
Phone: +49-221-221-313-31

Repository administration

Christian Andert
Collection Administrator
Phone: +49-221-221-313-27

Media technology

Süleyman Atalayin
Media Technologist
Phone: +49-221-221-313-07

Press and PR

Judith Glaser
Head of Press and PR
Phone: +49-221-221-313-19 (available monday to friday: 9-13 h)

In urgent cases, you are also welcome to contact the secretariat:

Accompanying program and event management

Iris Kaebelmann
Event Manager
Phone: +49-221-221-313-06

Caroline Bräuer
Event Manager
Phone.: +49-221-221-319-83

Agustina Andreoletti
Project Leader "Leaky Archive"
Phone: +49-221-221-31980


Nicole Golombek
Head of Administration
Phone: +49-221-221-313-04

Heike Hermann
Administration and Events Assistant
Phone: +49-221-221-313-37

Gaby Sawer
Phone: +49-221-221-313-05

Research staff

Dr. Stefanie Teufel
Expert Researcher on the Americas

Tensae Wale Desta
Junior Curator
Phone: +49-221-221-313-20

Carl Deußen
Wilhelm Joest Research Project
Phone: +49-221-221-313-67

Yagmur Karakis
Volunteer for Provenance Research
Phone: +49-221-221-319-85
+49-160 2072467 (Homeoffice)

Museum management

Steffen Beyer
Museum Caretaker
Phone: +49-221-221-314-00

Ralf Eidneier
Phone: +49-221-221-314-00

Manfred Littfin
Phone: +49-221-221-314-00


Martin Malewski
Phone: +49-0221-221-313-67


Susanne Kube
Scientific Documentation
Phone: +49-221-221-313-35

Annette Motz
Phone: +49-221-221-313-35

Mahtab Salmannia
Phone: +49-221-221-31989

Katja Reuter
Phone: 0221-221-31989

Education Service of the Cologne Museums

Dr. Fabiola Arellano Cruz
Director of education
Phone: +49-221-313-73

Rita Böller
Museum school
Phone: +49-221-221-314-02

We are always happy to welcome interns, for instance, in the framework of a compulsory university internship. Please send applications to our office.