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Sustainability is one of the big buzzwords of the 21st century and the most behavioural guideline to secure a future worth living. In order to look at the possibilities of positioning the museum on this essential topic, the RJM set up a working group in 2020. The gropu developed a concept on how sustainability can increasingly become part of our everyday work. Thematic Series “Rethink Fashion!” From summer 2021 to spring 2022, the RJM ties in with the exhibition "Fast Fashion. The Dark Side of Fashion", which was designed by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg and shown in Cologne in winter 2018/2019. So far the events in our first thematic series “Rethink Fashion!” provided the opportunity for information and discussion about the clothing industry and alternatives to it, including traditional textile production, which can be illustrated by means of the RJM's collections. They were aimed at different target groups from upcycling workshops for children to a panel discussion on legal regulation of supply chains. Some events take place in cooperation with the women’s rights organisation FEMNET. In order to make the topic visible in the permanent exhibition, we partly redesign the section ‘The Body as a Stage’ with students from ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung. If there are any questions, please contact Sonja Mohr, host of the working group on sustainability.

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